About Me

I am a filmmaker, storyteller and social artist. I shoot, direct, edit and produce short documentary films. I particularly enjoy working with people and capturing real life moments in an artistic way. I shoot in an unobtrusive style and have developed a talent for putting people at ease with the camera, allowing them to feel relaxed and even forget they are being filmed.

I am also trained in group dynamics and creative facilitation. This began helping teenagers make documentaries in Brighton and has lead to an in depth exploration of how inviting creativity and imagination through play, art and carefully crafted games can help people feel safe, seen and valued. I have seen the power of this approach transform people’s self esteem and sense of connection with others.

I was introduced to this work by Charlie Murphy, founder of PYE Global (Partners for Youth Empowerment) and have received extensive training in their Creative Community Model. This has lead to work with a variety of organisations including schools, governments, NGOs and charities helping young people and adults explore their creative potential and make a positive contribution to their communities.

I have worked with TEDxYouth in Uganda, coaching some of Africa’s most dynamic and creative young change-makers, mentored Global Teen Leaders at the Just Peace Summit in New York and inspired teenagers through the LIFEbeat and Power of Hope programmes in Canada, USA and the UK.

I also love to tell stories in the old tradition of spoken tales, myths and legends.

Born in London, raised in Cornwall, California and Hawaii, I now live in the rolling hills of Sussex, UK. I love to travel, surf, play the ukulele and spend time in nature.



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